Optimize Your Fitness Center and Enhance Customer Experience with a 3D Progress Monitoring System

Integrate 3D Scanning into Your Fitness Center to Revolutionize Customer Experience. Give Your Customers a Complete View of Their Progress and Streamline Every Aspect of your Business through the Fitloop Ecosystem


The First 3D Scanner that Provides 100% Realistic Images

Bring the power of 3D body scans into your Fitness Center.

Your clients will be able to explore every nuance of their body, monitoring weight changes, muscle tone, fat/muscle percentage and more.

With Just One Scan, Our Cutting-Edge Device Creates a Detailed, Virtual Copy of the Client's Body

Automatic Adaptation

It automatically adjusts to the height and pigmentation of the skin, ensuring a personalized and precise scan.

Instant Scans

A seamless experience, with just 30 seconds required for the entire process.

Safety First

No dangerous waves are used – just a safe and efficient machine

Lightning Scans

A seamless experience. Never seen speed, showing your improvement in the blink of an eye. Only 30 seconds for the whole process.


The Real Avatar is You

Every data comes to life with unparalleled graphic quality. A visual experience that exceeds imagination. Every detail and measurement is faithfully reproduced with a 100% realistic Avatar.


Fitness of The Future

Your body takes shape through advanced measurements and bioimpedance measurement. Your Avatar is not just an image, but a precise and dynamic map of your well-being.


Always With You

Interact with your Avatar at any time. Your fitness journey will always be with you, ready to be explored with ease and speed.

Your gym business in your pocket with the Fitloop For Business app

Thanks to the Fitloop for Business App you will have a fully automated workflow directly through the app.
From staff management to customer and service management.


Innovative and Accessible CRM

Discover a cutting-edge CRM, designed to offer extraordinary performance in the daily management of your fitness center and accessible from smartphones and tablets


Advanced Access Management

Simplify the customer experience by implementing cutting-edge BLE and NFC protocols, ensuring safe and easy access to your center.


Smart Automation:

From checking in at the gym to purchasing memberships and training programs – all managed effortlessly through a single app. For a one-of-a-kind experience


AI & ML for Success:

Optimize every single process and improve the overall performance of your business. Let it guide you in managing your fitness center.


App User - Offer your customers a unique service with the Fitloop For Users App

One of a kind, combining training, nutrition, integration and rest in a single user-friendly app. The experience revolves around the 3D avatar, the centerpiece of our fitness and wellness project

Smart Automation:

Have the freedom to shape your path without losing any details. With your Avatar, your enhancements come to life in 3D, as you interact with animations of your digital self. A real connection with your evolution.

Work with your coach

Share avatar data and training, nutrition and rest programs in real time with your coach. Take advantage of the possibility of communicating directly with your PT for a constant connection and evaluation of your journey.

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